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Hi soul sisters! Hot Girl Summer challenge enrollment is open NOW!


Health & Wellness Coaching


Strengthen your soul.

Effective workouts customizable for your routine


Feed your soul.

Healthy, sustainable nutrition habits to reach your goals


Nourish your soul.

Unconditional support from your soul sisters

1:1 Coaching & Training Programs

Our goal is not only to help you achieve your fitness goals, but to empower you, and our incredible community of women, to embody unconditional self-love and self-confidence.

Meet Ajahzi

I’m so grateful for Project Soul! Thank you so much for putting together an amazing program and bringing the girlies together!

—Jess E.

Thank you Ajahzi for being such an inspiration to me! I’ve learned so much from you & Project Soul. It's so refreshing to see someone who’s killing it that is so real about the struggle with food and working out. It really helps other women like me. I know that progress takes time and I have learned to love myself while starting this new fitness journey!

—Christine M.

I'm sure all the girls agree that you have changed our perspective of ourselves and fitness in general. It’s been a blessing of laughter, sisterhood, advice, love and so much more in Project Soul and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone but you to be my coach! Thank you so much!

—Sophie L.

This challenge was such an AMAZING experience, better than any other challenge I’ve ever done. From the support of the amazing ladies to the workout plan that kicked my ass - it was sensational honestly. The level of growth I’ve seen in myself is unbelievable.

—Lydia R.

I knew that paying for the challenge would be worth it, but I really didn’t know how worth it!! I’m just so glad that I did because I know for facts that I wouldn’t have got this far without you. Everything has changed this past year from my physique to mental health. I don’t think you even know how much Project Soul has helped me.

—Kala G.

I have done my fair share of programs and I always ended up not finishing them because I just felt like they weren’t for me or my body type.  But I swear fit girl summer has been the best thing for me, not only do I feel stronger but I feel more confident in my body.

—Ronke O.


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